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Thank You Netherland (TYN) is a development cooperation photo exhibition ( in total 67 pictures taken in the area of the
millennium goals namely projects which eliminate hunger, provide universal primary education, reduce child mortality,
improve maternal health and combat HIV/AIDS. in Ghana made into 67 photo frames and 2000 booklets) preceded by a 45 minute documentary. The documentary elaborates on completed and uncompleted projects in different parts of Ghana as well as interviews
of people ( here in The Netherlands and in Ghana) with respect to their views about Netherland government’s support, the support of Ghanaians living in the Netherlands, Dutch organisations and that of individual Dutch philanthropists to Ghana’s development.
In The Netherlands, a “ reizende tentoonstelling” and forum discussions is taking place at various exhibition cities during the inauguration of these exhibitions.  The inauguration of the photo-exhibition took place in Amsterdam on 2nd July 2020 and it is travelling to other
cities in The Netherlands.

The exhibition is travelling to Almere, Gouda, Deventer and Wormerland.

Please check on NCDO agenda for the dates:
Some of the exhibition photos see below.

Ouderman Frick Ossel of Amsterdam Municipal Council opens Thank You Netherlands
photo exhibition in CEC Amsterdam South East – 2nd July 2010.


Ongoing project